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Getting to Top on Google:What it actually means

Webmaster around the world are getting crazing to achieve just one thing. What is that?

Guess, guess........ though you will get no prize for the right answer. Because common goal of all webmasters is to reach to top on Google. They have valid reason for running behind this craze. Let me tell you why.
Lets explain the importance of it bit more.
Consider a giant tree with uncountable number of flowers of same color and size, all are very beautiful. And there are few flower with more attractive color combination. If a person who love flower has to choose just one flower from the bunch, which will he/she choose? Very unpredictable right? But if any of those attractive flowers come to the reach of that person; he/she will never look others. Getting to the top on Google means you have the extra reach to your visitor. And an effective SEO does just that work for your website/blog.   

Now a days if any website willing to generate a good business online, he/she must be ranking on top of Google for some popular (at least One) keywords related to his/her business domain. By "top of Google" I actually mean top three position of search result page.
Now I will discuss how you can achieve this top position in Google for any keyword. Whether you own a new website/blog or a website/blog which has been online for sometime now, these tips which I will be suggesting here are applicable for all.
For next few posts I will be concentrating on "how can YOU achieve the top position at Google" for a specific selected keyword or for group of keywords related to your domain. To achieve this you must abide by some basic guidelines which includes:-
i) You must have a website/blog.
ii) You should be able to change the basic HTML of that website/blog.
iii) Lastly you MUST implement the strategies mentioned here on your website/blog.
That's what you all have to do!
For now entertain yourself by reading the topic about "Current search market scenario" and keep yourself updated with latest trends in search market.

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SEO Services said...
October 5, 2011 at 5:02 AM

Hi Swarup, liked the way you started your post, very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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