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Getting to Google Top part 2:Optimize On-page Elements

After completing the competitors analysis for your niche, time has come to implement those analyzed data into your website. If you have not gone through the crucial post about Analyzing your competitor to the Core, then you must enjoy it.

On page analysis include four important aspects i.e.
1. Title of your website/blog
2. Link Structure of your website/blog
3. Content of your website/blog
4. Meta description of your website/blog

I will serially discuss one after another; so that you can efficiently use these elements to optimize your website/blog for Google results. How can you do this? Watch out the next section!

Optimize Title tag

For ranking high in Google "Title" is the single most important on-page factor. So if you want to rank number one on Google, then you must be able to use keyword rich and optimized title tag in your website/blog. How can you optimize the title for best result? I will tell you now. For that I will take the previous example of again, you may remember our main keyword was "free coupon". To rank well for that keyword, we must optimize the use of "free coupon" in website/blog's title tag. To experience the best result you must include your website's title within 65 characters(this data has been derived from intense research). You must not separate the keywords in title tag by using word like and,or etc; instead you may use the "|" character for optimization purpose. In the above example an optimized title would be "Free online coupon| Get gift coupon free".

Optimize Link structure

Next comes the "link structure" of your website/blog. Your website's link must be "human readable". What's that meant. Let me explain the matter with help of a example. Suppose your website contain a page with the link, but that is not a kind of link structure from which a human can understand, what he/she can expect from the link. But if the link structure is modified to, then visitor can easily comprehend the subject of the specified link. The latter link is much optimized for search result.


Content is king, you have heard this thing million times. And it is not untrue! To rank well in search result, your website/blog's content must be optimized for your keyword. That does not mean you stuff your content only with keywords. That also does not imply, your content should be keyword less! But you should mix your content and keyword well; like mixing spice with chicken! You must know the right proportionate to sell your content to search engines. The right balance for ranking well in search result is about 3-4% keyword and rest other word.

Meta description

Meta description text is the region to test your internet marketing skills. Make this text attractive to Searchers to draw the required attention to click your website in search result.
Format for meta description is given below
<meta name= "description" content= "Write a internet smart text about your website/blog within 255 words"/>

Oh yes, I have not forgot the "meta keywords" but I deliberately skipped  the issue, because it does not hold the kind of importance which it held some years back. In fact search engine major Google does not give any value to meta description now.

You must be able to implement these suggestions which I discussed above to rank well in various major search engines including Google, Bing and Ask. But this is very little part of "Total SEO", today's competitive internet market condition require strong Off-page improvement to ranking on top of search results. That part would be discussed in next post.

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I am in total agreement with the tips you have shared regarding on-page optimization. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

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Thanks for you sharing...

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The most important and basic thing in SEO business i on-page part, without on-page SEO no one can get benefits from off-page SEO or link-building process. In this scenario your points are very effective to fix on-site issues.

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