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Boost your Website's PR by easily available Free Backlinks

Page Rank or more commonly known as PR is numeric value that is assigned to Website (more accurately webpage) by Google. Google co-founder Larry Page introduced the idea of PR in the year 1998. PR of website can vary at a scale from 0 to 10. There are few websites with PR value 10 like, etc. If you like to see full list of PR 10 websites, click on the hyperlink below

In this tutorial I will teach what is the right approach for availing free backlinks to your website. I will tell both techniques; Instant method for getting backlinks and also the long term process for availing continuous backlinks to your website/blog. For your better understanding long term method will be discussed first after then I will talk about the instant ones.

Long term permanent Backlinks
There are more than two methods for availing long term Backlinks to your website. First one is writing articles about your niche. Second option is Social bookmarking. There is another option also. I will discuss all the options one by one.
Article Marketing
If you are good at writing eye catching article then you can use this technique for both; creating buzz about your website and also availing free backlinks. There are many reputed article directory like ezinearticles,articlesbase,articlesfactory which will help your cause. You can submit your article (about 500 words) to these websites; after publishing you will get backlinks from your articles. If you are not keen to write article yourself then hire someone from site like freelancer.
Social Bookmarking
Websites like digg, technorati, fark are great tool for promoting your website/blog. What's more you will enjoy the backlink facility from these websites. There are many social bookmarking websites on internet, which means you will be able to get backlinks from all those websites. So go ahead!
        And last technique for receiving backlink is your website's content. Unique and useful content naturally helps your cause for enhancing backlinks to your website.

Instant strategies for availing Free Backlinks
Instant backlinks can boost your website's PR to great extent. But unlike permanent one these are tricky to avail. There are some service which sell links don't fall to their prey. These are fraud and Google does not give any importance to this kind of links. For instant backlink you can follow these steps-
i) Submit your website to free web directory like Dmoz. (Get a complete guide for successful Dmoz listing)
ii)Exchange link with website, related to your niche. Do not exchange links with irrelevant websites.
iii)Participate in Blog commenting, Forum posting. These is the easiest way to get backlinks for your website.

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