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Want massive traffic from Bing? Follow these simple Rules

Statcounter recently released its report on search market share. The report says Bing now stands second in US search market after Google. That means Bing has overtaken Yahoo for the first time.
That also makes a point that as a webmaster you can not ignore Bing, which is continuously increasing its search share. By the year end 2011, Bing is expected to conquer 15-17% of total search market.

Bing if used smartly can be one of your major search traffic contributors for your website. In this competitive search market you can not ignore any traffic sources. And with a bright future ahead, Bing will bring your website many search traffic in years to come. Moreover ranking first on Bing result is not yet over crowded like Google. So take your step right now before it gets too congested. And be a mile ahead of your competitors.

Crack the search algorithm:
To rank high on Bing, first you need to know the basic functionality of Bing’s search orientation such that; how it indexes, importance of backlinks etc (Discover SEO Secrets of Bing). You don’t need all exact data but data which are essential for you to rank high on Bing. And they are-

Keyword Rich Title
Majority of SEO experts around the globe agreed that title tag of website is most important SEO factor for high ranking in Bing results. So to rank high in Bing results you should concentrate to make a keyword rich title for best result. But don't stuff your title with exhaustive keyword, which will be considered as spamming.

URL is the second most SEO factor in Bing. Don't quiet understand right? Though it is very strange, but yes Bing give much importance to URL. I personally noticed it during my intensive searching. So give the due importance to link structure of your website/blog.

Meta Description
Google trims meta description for descriptive ones but not Bing. If you use descriptive meta description then Bing may show it in a un professional way which may not go along with your goal. So for a better result use short meta description (not more than 180 characters)

Link building not so Important
Bing does not have the concept of PageRank. So backlinks are not so important as it was the case in Google. Though Bing have concept of TrustRank, but it is not solely dependent on backlinks.

.gov,.edu links
Bing depend on these two links while building the TrustRank factor. So find some dead websites list and ask the moderator to replace those links with yours.

These are parameters on which you should concentrate for better result in Bing.

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