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SEO Secrets of Bing|Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Bing SEO Secrets
Bing, the latest major entry in search engine warfare has spiced up the search market scenario to a great extent. For Microsoft Bing is “the future search engine”. Though Bing has not penetrated the expected benchmark till date, but continuous improvement packed with extensive promotion plans has no doubt caused headache to Google, which it wishes to overtake.

Search share of Bing is increasing and it is growing proportionately around the globe. As a webmaster you should never ignore Bing as it can provide your website 10-12% search traffic (data: search volume Bing) if the website is accurately optimized for Bing. This process may became easy if you know the ranking algorithm secrets of Bing, which (i.e. SEO secrets of Bing) I am going to expose now.

I) Bing does not give due importance to PR unlike Google. So if your webpage is low on PR value then also there is no problem. You can optimize low PR webpage on Bing results.

II) Bing gives more importance to social links (backlinks) than Google. So ensure you are having lot of social backlinks linking back to your website.

III) URL is another important aspect of Bing SEO. A keyword rich url is likely to bring best result on Bing. If you don’t have keyword rich url (likely possible) then ensure your future links are loaded with proportionate keyword.

IV) Website title tag is very important to rank high on Bing result. Bing recommends 5 to 65 characters (important: with space) to write the title of an optimized webpage. Also make sure that your title is keyword rich.

V) Write your meta description within 150 to 165 words. Unlike Google, Bing do not include ‘Date parameter’ in meta description (major difference). That’s provide you some extra chars to stuff into meta description field.

After following these Search Engine Optimization tips see the difference (increase) in search traffic from Bing.

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