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Why you should Focus on Social Media – A Post Penguin Revelation

‘Social influence’, ‘social sharing’ these are some terms, that you are listening quite frequently after Google rolled its Penguin Update. People specially the webmasters are spending more time in social media sites like facebook, twitter etc, in an attempt to improve online branding. And being a webmaster for several years, I am also experiencing the impact of social influence on my website’s ranking as well. That’s why I decided to enlighten interested readers about this latest phenomenon on search engine optimization. Also please note this is very much my personal insight; you may or may not agree with every aspects that I will highlight, and that is not essential either!
Google Ranking Factors after Penguin

In various instances Google has made it clear that it is trying to be ‘more human’ with its search algorithm. Why? Because in that way it will be able to understand what searchers actually wants and accordingly Google will digg out the most appropriate results. As a consequence it is very much crucial for Google to understand the human psychology better. And we are pretty much aware about the fact that human is a social creature. So the connection between search algorithm and social influence was always there as a part of ranking factors, even when there was no Google Penguin!

Why is this buzz so prominent now? You may ask. Well, let me inform although the social sharing influence was there within the Google’s ranking algorithm way before Penguin, but this influence has only strengthened after the awake of Google Penguin. This change was always on the card and it did not surprise me at all! Because Google noticed people are spending more time on social networks than before and it was inevitable that Google has to include these social signals into its algorithm if it wanted to provide the same (or better) relevant results in search results for which it is well-known on internet.

What you should do then? I know this is the most vital question that is coming to your mind if you are a webmaster or looking after online marketing activities of some websites. You will notice some online marketing tactics are not working that efficiently and at the same time there are ‘something’ which are working magically after Google Penguin. You have to figure those out and see which is working and which is not. There may be also certain situations when you will notice some tactics are working quite well for some niche/website but that same activities are not yielding results for other websites! These conditions are very much likely to occur after Google Penguin (I am personally witnessing these phenomenon). But there is nothing to worry about these changes as Search engine optimization tactics are still working strong if you know how to use them!

3 Responses to “Why you should Focus on Social Media – A Post Penguin Revelation”

Marietta Nixon said...
September 7, 2012 at 7:28 AM

I had no idea what this Google Penguin update was all about. I just thought it was another update that wasn't going to matter. But now I understand why people are so iffy about it.

business logo design company said...
September 23, 2012 at 11:10 PM

Yes indeed, after google penguin update all webmasters are conscious about quality and spamming-free activities regarding SEO field. Social media has great influence in SERP ranking as well as brand marketing therefore webmasters are giving more time on social media then other activities which is good thing for their business.

web design company said...
October 11, 2012 at 3:08 AM

One of the hardest thing is content marketing which i have faced it! But today i have learn new thing & I come to know about the value of social media profiles & there role... It is really very much helpful.

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